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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:21 pm

Who will lose in the looming US-China trade war? January 10, 2017 Nikkei

Trump policy called a "nasty version" of Reagan's protectionism


HONG KONG -- With Donald Trump set to take office on Jan. 20, all eyes are on whether the new U.S. president will "walk his talk" by triggering a trade war with China that could result in a no-win situation, according to trade experts.

During his election campaign, Trump pledged to label China as a currency manipulator on his first day in office and slap a punitive tariff of up to 45% on Chinese goods to unwind trade imbalances, although his team members had played down both commitments.

But the real threat to U.S.-China relation may not be in the first 100 days of Trump's presidency. "It's really a year or two from now as fiscal stimulus kicks in and the trade deficit begins to widen," said Marcus Noland, executive vice-president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a Washington-based think tank.

Trump's proposed tax cuts and rising spending on infrastructure and defense could generate a substantial fiscal stimulus, resulting in a short-term growth spurt, budget deficits, rising interest rates and a strong dollar.
"What could transpire is a very nasty version of the first [Ronald] Reagan administration" as rising trade deficits led the former president to step up trade protection, said Noland, speaking in a seminar in Hong Kong on Monday.

Peter Navarro, Trump's economic adviser, likens his boss's proposal to the tariffs Reagan imposed on Japanese automobiles and steel imports to protect the U.S. economy in the 1980s. Describing Trump as a "free trader" like Reagan, Navarro said the incoming president would "defend America against cheaters" and make China play by the rules.

Observers are skeptical about Trump's agenda, nonetheless. "He goes without saying that the U.S. is making those demands on Japan in the context of the Cold War," said Noland. Back then, Japan had to comply with the trade restrictions because the U.S. was its "ultimate political and military guarantor."

Different now

The situation between the U.S. and China now is very different. Beijing has made clear that it is ready to fight back if Trump imposes new tariffs on Chinese products. Boeing aircraft, iPhones, soybeans and even Chinese students studying in the U.S. have been identified as possible targets for retaliation, according to a commentary published in China's state-run Global Times.

A recent study by the Peterson Institute estimates that a U.S.-led trade war would cost more than 4 million American jobs in the private sector, sending the country into a downturn. Export-dependent industries that manufacture for sectors including information technology, aerospace and engineering will be heavily affected. It will also have a spillover effect on sectors not directly related to international trade, such as retail distribution and restaurants.
The Bank of Singapore, a private banking arm of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp., has also warned of adverse consequences from Trumponomics. "The risk of recession has become realistic under Trump's boom-bust policy mix," said the bank's chief economist, Richard Jerram. While fiscal stimulus would add inflationary pressure to a U.S. economy that was near full capacity, higher tariffs could dampen global trade.

So who would lose a U.S.-China trade war?

"Both sides will be losers, because that's the whole point of trade," said Noland, adding that it would be a trade war with a regressive economic impact. The same study showed that the casualties would be disproportionately the most vulnerable people, with lower-skilled and lower-wage jobs -- who voted heavily for Trump in the November election.

Trump has also threatened to impose a 35% tariff on Mexican imports and build a wall on the southern border to curb immigration so as to allow unemployed Americans to "to fill good-paying jobs." But critics like Noland say that if Trump were to send his neighbor into a recession, it would do just the opposite -- the U.S. could end up with a bigger influx of undocumented immigrants.

Still, the first year of the Trump's administration looks like it could be chaotic. "His tweets will set a tone, but the actual policies will emerge from bureaucratic and personal infighting in the system Trump seems to be setting out," said Noland, with the president intervening periodically to micromanage the economy.

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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:36 am

Europe and NATO hit back at Trump
17 Jan 2017 AFP


BRUSSELS: German Chancellor Angela Merkel led a sharp European response to US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday (Jan 16) after he branded NATO "obsolete" and said more countries would leave the EU after Britain.

In a hard-hitting interview with two European newspapers, Trump unleashed a volley of verbal attacks on Europe and criticised Merkel's "catastrophic" decision to open Germany's borders to Syrian refugees.

With fears growing in Europe over Trump's commitment to the transatlantic alliance and over signs he will pivot towards Russia, Merkel warned that the continent now had to take responsibility for itself.

"We Europeans have our fate in our own hands," Merkel told reporters in Berlin when asked about Trump's criticisms, adding that she will work towards getting the EU to strengthen the economy and fight terrorism.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini dismissed Trump's prediction of further fractures, saying: "I think the European Union will stick together - I'm 100 per cent convinced of this."

French President Francois Hollande meanwhile urged the United States under Trump "not to be scared of itself, or the world".


Trump's latest remarks have in particular caused further consternation among eastern European NATO countries nervous about Moscow following Russia's annexation of Crimea and involvement in Ukraine.

"I said a long time ago that NATO had problems," Trump told The Times of London and Bild, Germany's biggest-selling daily, on Friday.
"Number one, it was obsolete, because it was designed many, many years ago," he said, referring to its Cold War, post-World War II origins. "Number two, the countries aren't paying what they're supposed to pay."

On the campaign trail, Trump said he would think twice about helping NATO allies if the United States was not "reasonably reimbursed" for the costs of defending them - a common source of friction in the US-led 28-nation alliance.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Europe was stunned by Trump's remarks on NATO, just five days ahead of the billionaire businessman's inauguration as president.

"The interview statements of the American president-elect ... caused, indeed here in Brussels, astonishment and agitation," Steinmeier said as he went from a meeting with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg to talks with EU counterparts.

Stoltenberg was "absolutely confident" in Trump's commitment to NATO, the alliance chief's spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said.


Trump however further extended a hand to Russia, which has been hit by a string of sanctions under President Barack Obama over its involvement in Ukraine, the Syrian war and for suspected cyber attacks to influence the US election.

"Let's see if we can make some good deals with Russia," Trump said, suggesting in vague terms a deal in which nuclear arsenals would be reduced and sanctions against Moscow eased.

Underscoring the Obama administration's very different stance, US Vice-President Joe Biden made a farewell trip to Ukraine on Monday to show support for the war-scarred country.

In another comment that alarmed the Europeans, Trump refused to say that he trusted Merkel more than Russian President Vladimir Putin, for whom the next US president has often expressed admiration.

"Well, I start off trusting both - but let's see how long that lasts. It may not last long at all," he said.

Trump also directly criticised Merkel for letting Germany admit undocumented migrants, insinuating that this posed a security risk following a wave of Islamic State jihadist attacks in Europe.

"I think she made one very catastrophic mistake and that was taking all of these illegals, you know taking all of the people from wherever they come from," Trump said, adding he had "great respect" for the chancellor.

Trump went on to threaten punitive 35 per cent tariffs on German carmakers like BMW if they build cars in Mexico and not the United States.


In other remarks, Trump said Brexit "is going to end up as a great thing", and he backed a trade deal with post-EU Britain which would be "good for both sides".

"We're gonna work very hard to get it done quickly and done properly," said Trump, confirming he will meet British Prime Minister Theresa May soon after his inauguration on Friday.

The British pound took a hit on Monday after Britain said it might undercut the EU economically if it cannot obtain both single market access and immigration controls, with British media warning of a so-called "hard Brexit".

"Other countries will leave" the EU in future, Trump predicted, largely due to the pressure the bloc was put under following a surge in arrivals of migrants and refugees fleeing war in Syria and elsewhere.

Mogherini however said it was "absolutely clear" that Britain could not start any trade talks with the United States until it leaves the bloc.

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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:43 am

kohpapa wrote:Imagesays, "Not far from Geylang..."

Back in 1979, a horrific murder in Block 58 Geylang Bahru shocked the entire nation; four young siblings between the age of five and ten were found dead in the toilet of their one-room flat. The extent of the murderer's (or murderers') cruelty is disturbingly violent. Not only were the kids slashed and hacked to death (the eldest boy's arm was almost severed from the body), they were also stacked on top of one another as if they were mere trophies of war.

Till now, the horrific and bloody murder case remains a mystery...

"The Geylang Bahru murder case of the Tan childcare shook Singapore. It was one of the most brutal homicides in Singapore history."

"Their parents had left the house at 6:35am for work. The mother phoned home at 7:10am to remind the children to wake up for school to no avail. Upon arriving home at 10am, they found the four children, aged between 5 to 10, cruelly slashed to death and had their bodies piled up in the bathroom."

"Police ended up questioning over 100 of the Tan family's neighbours. But till today, no suspects were identified and no weapons were ever recovered. This has to be the most chilling murders ever, but the murderer did appear to have intimate knowledge of the family."

Un-confirm: "The story was, the suspected person was the brother in law. At first, nobody knows. But the father was drunk few years later at Bendemeer coffee shop and leak out. Heard was the younger brother in law asked them to buy 4D for him as usual ;because the the father sometime collect illegal 4D to help supplement the household expense. The 4D came out but the couple decide to keep the winning to themselves. At first the brother in law take it as faith and let it passed. But when they starts buying school bus and etc, he suspected and knew that his winning was swallowed. He confronted them but denied."

kill the 4 children can get back the 4D money? really do things without any reason?

"The rest is history. The parents didn't confessed to the police about this because they themselves are in the wrong. But the parents knows that they exchange the Bus with their kids lives. I heard the couple move to Toa Payoh few years later. "

1979 Geylang Bahru [email protected] Chu Kang Cemetery...since it was the seventh lunar month,some of the temples had also organised rituals aimed at relieving the souls' suffering in this particular section....


Unlike other children tombs in the vicinity, traces of worship / gifts were found in the form of toys and sweets scattered around the four tombs...


of course...attracted a lot of gamblers to go there and pray for winning 4D!!!!!!Huat Ah....Yi Zen Fatt Chay 一见发财!!!!

May the children of 1979 Geylang Bahru Murder rest in peace and may the murderer (or murderers) be brought to justice soon! Karma would make sure the blood debt is paid.....

Do You Run Geylang Bahru - Hungry Ghost Festival 中元节?...

WATCH: An examination into the gruesome Geylang Bahru family murders of 1979 12 January 2017


In January 1979, Singapore was rocked by an especially horrifying case of murder that saw four children — aged between five and 10 years — slashed to death in the bathroom of their one-room flat in a HDB block in Geylang Bahru. 
The perpetrator(s) were never caught and brought to justice, and the murders remain unsolved to this day. Alongside the Adrian Lim Murders and the Curry Murder, the Geylang Bahru Family Murders hold a grim place in Singapore's history as one of the most inhuman and brutal cases on record.
The savage nature of the killings attracted the attention of YouTuber Cayleigh Elise, whose channel is dedicated to matters of morbid curiosity. In the latest of her unsolved mysteries series, 'Dark Matters', Elise examines the details of the Tan sibling case and offers possible theories in the tragedy:

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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:57 am

Image says, "Feng Shui master: 2017 the year of new opportunities


KUALA LUMPUR: 2017, the year of the 'fire Rooster' in the Chinese zodiac is dubbed as the "Year of New Opportunities", says a feng shui master.

Kenny Hoo said based on the annual 'Ba Zi' and 'Gua' in feng Shui, there would be light at the end of the tunnel and a lot of good opportunities this year.

"Basically, there will be challenges in various fields during the first quarter of the year; however there will be signs of improvement after that," he told Bernama during a Chinese New Year dinner.

Hoo said 2017 would be a good year for business players to plan ahead with greater innovation and creativity for their greater advancement.

"There will be more new and innovative business opportunities emerging this year. Wise selection of business partners can bring about unprecedented returns in the mid to long term.

"However, for those who cannot withstand the wave of changes and challenges, they will be easily wiped off from the market space," he cautioned.

Hoo said 'water' is the key element for 2017 as shown in the annual Ba Zi chart, which is the mediating factor to bring about agreement or reconciliation for better harmony and prosperity.

"Water is synonymous with blue, hence Blue is the colour of 2017.

Incorporating more blue into your home or workspaces, or using blue items such as daily wear and furniture will boost one's luck and energy level," he said.

In regard to the 12 Chinese Zodiacs, Hoo said 2017 would be "a lovely and romantic year" for those born in the year of the Rat, Monkey and Dragon.

"There will be lots of couples lining up for marriage, moving into new houses and having babies... Painting some Red or Purple colour in the southeast sector of their house can further enhance the baby luck for married couples.

"It will be a more fruitful year for them too as obstacles and challenges in 2017 will be resolved with help from good noble persons," he said.

However, Hoo said, the three zodiacs must take extra care in health, particularly with regard to the digestive, respiratory system, liver and eyesight, in the months of February and August.

He said those born in the year of the Snake, Rooster and Ox, would also have lots of advancement academically this year but must be extra careful in personal safety when travelling in March, September and December.

"For Rooster - they must particularly take care of their health and are highly encouraged to go for regular checkup this year," he said.
2017 will be a busy year for those born in the year of the Boar (pig), Rabbit and Goat as there will be more travelling; thus they must be extra careful while on the road in the months of March, May and September.

"There will be higher chance for them in property transactions, move to new houses or office space in 2017; minor renovations such as repainting the existing house or office can enhance health and wealth luck," said Hoo.

For the Tiger, Horse and Dog, this year will be fruitful and prosperous as they will have greater wealth and better luck, especially when it comes to love, relationship, wealth and career advancement.

"However, it is advisable for those born in the year of Horse to pay extra attention to elderly family members and avoid making major investment or career-related decisions in February, March, June and September," he added.

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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:23 pm

Image says, "Here's what Nostradamus predicted about 2017


Michel de Nostredame, usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French physician and astrologer who lived in the 16th century.

According to his followers, he predicted a lot of things that have actually happened in the last few centuries; including the French Revolution, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and 9/11.

There is even evidence of him predicting Trump’s presidential win, whom he referred to as “the great shameless, audacious bawler”.

His prophecies, which he wrote in four-line verse, are of course open to interpretation – but here are some versus that could possibly shed a little light on what we can expect in 2017:

1. Floods and drought

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.

For forty years it will be seen every day.

The dry earth will grow more parched,

and there will be great floods when it is seen.

2. Thunder and conflict

The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt.

An evil deed, foretold by the bearer of a petition.

According to the prediction another falls at night time.

Conflict at Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.

3. A battle at sunset

Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.

A great nation is uncertain.

Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,

the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.

4. A little break

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,

for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.

People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:

then wars will start up again.

5. A royal scandal

Letters are found in the queen's chests,

no signature and no name of the author.

The ruse will conceal the offers;

so that they do not know who the lover is.

6. A weird version of Animal Farm

A fox will be elected without speaking one word,

appearing saintly in public living on barley bread,

afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant

putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.

7. A weakened West

Twice put up and twice cast down,

the East will also weaken the West.

Its adversary after several battles

chased by sea will fail at time of need.

Fingers crossed 2017 is a slightly improvement on 2016.

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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:29 am

Image says, "Thank you all, we hit 88, progress to 100,000"


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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:04 am

Image says, "We have a leap month...2017..."

"The Chinese calendar has 12 or 13 lunar months per year, and is about 20 to 50 days behind the Gregorian calendar. It’s used to determine the dates of traditional Chinese festivals, like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn. It’s also used for Chinese zodiac astrology, and many Chinese still celebrate their Chinese calendar birthdays."

China's traditional solar calendar is seldom referred to for dates, but the Chinese calendar mirrors it and includes extra lunar months to keep pace with it. The Chinese calendar is traditionally called the ‘lunar calendar' (阴历 Yīnlì /yin-lee/) to distinguish it from the traditional ‘solar calendar', and now the Gregorian calendar (阳历 yánglì /yang-lee/).The traditional solar calendar in China, like the Gregorian calendar, is based solely on the orbit of the Earth around the sun. It has 12 solar months (of 30 or 31 days — no shorter "February"), 365 days in a regular year and 366 days in a leap year. But that's where the similarities end…

Each month of China's solar calendar has two solar terms of 15 or 16 days. The 24 solar terms once governed agricultural arrangements in China. Solar terms occur on almost the same days each year on the Gregorian calendar.

The solar terms split the Chinese year into four equal length seasons (of three months or six solar terms), each centered on an equinox or solstice day. Learn more about the 24 solar terms. Leap Months — When Chinese Add a 13th Month

As a lunar month is on average 0.92 days shorter than a "solar month", the lunar calendar is just under a day per month slower than the solar calendar.

To prevent the lunar calendar from becoming more than half a month of sync with the solar calendar, an extra "leap month" is added in the Chinese calendar every 32 or 33 months. So every second or third Chinese calendar year has 13 months and 383–385 days.

The last Chinese calendar leap month began on October 24, 2014. There were two ninth lunar months: month 9 and then "intercalary month 9" — the leap month.

The next leap month will begin on July 23, 2017, when a second lunar month 6 will be observed. 2017 Hungry Ghost Festival 中元节 shall be extended to after the second lunar month

enjoy...2017…Image...towards 100,000 views soon...
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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:41 am

Image says, "How many conflicts are going on worldwide right now?...2017..."

Conflicts defined as involving the military vs a private militant group in some way or in the case where countries are involved, it can be a blockade or such.

Doklam - China vs India
38th Parallel - North Korea vs South Korea
Marawi - Philippines vs "ISIL" / MILF

Middle East
Syria / Iraq Conflict - Russia / Syria vs USA vs rebels vs ISIL vs Iraq national forces
Qatar Blockade - Saudi + allies vs Qatar / Iran / Turkey
Afghanistan War on Terror - USA vs insurgents
Libya Civil War - Internal conflict with mixed factions

Ukraine Crisis - Russia vs EU

Mexico Drug War - Mexico vs Drug Cartel

enjoy...2017…Image...towards 100,000 views soon...
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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:00 pm

Image says, "5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2017!..."

enjoy...2017…Image... 100,000 views soon...
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Re: HungryGhost中元Mid-Autumn中秋ChineseNewYear农历新年QingMing清明Ves

Postby kohpapa » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:09 am

Image says, " We are 100,000!...going Millions..."


enjoy...2017…Image... running saga continues...
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