Japan: 14th History Road Tango 100 km Ultra (14 Sep 2014)

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Japan: 14th History Road Tango 100 km Ultra (14 Sep 2014)

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2014 , 9 - 14 , (Sunday) held ( Kyoto, kyotango city )
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-14th "history road Tango 100 km ultra marathon race ' now accepting entries!

[Soon deadline! Entry 7 / 11 ,Friday]

Western Japan's largest Ultramarathon, "history road Tango 100 km ultra marathon race".

Last year I entered the 3,307 people 100 km and 60 km .

International Ultrarunners Association Silver label as a pre-international race.

Received the certification.

Traditional hospitality, "OMOTENASHI" as well as a aims to further improve the race management.

Come on join us !

[1] aim for 100 km race! [Direct bus from Kyoto station]

  Why don't you run 100 km ? The time limit is plenty of 14 hours.

  Challenge to ultra long-haul, over 1 day. After he completed the sense of accomplishment and joy

It also aligns the mouth everyone and exceptional.

Once you start city pass, sea, Bay, and plateau ( also sheep cheer! )

Variations of course bores you absolutely.

Now, to the unknown world of you why don't you challenge?

This year [Direct bus from Kyoto ] More participation and more now.

[2] improving hospitality, aid station

29 aid stations on the course.

Depending on where in the base, water, sports drinks, bananas, pears

Dishes with fruits such as grapes, local products, noodles, kind of sushi.

Available in sweet bean soup, bread, etc. Rooting for marathon runners.

After you finish , free shuttle to Onsen with Free Ticket for bathing .

So, I please relaxes the body after the marathon lounging in Onsen ,hot springs.

[3] 60 km -experience the PR in autumn Marathon (?!)

Runners run a Marathon 42.195km this fall, the 60 km of participation?

Also in top athletes challenge ultra marathon runner recently

I can see. See no concerns over distance, "is a comprehensive instrument

Bigger ', could finish the Sub 3 achievement and full enjoyable as a result

Runner with enough leg strength. 60 km Start time is 9:00 am .Not so early.

From the start, runners in the neighboring district, if day is available.

So, no. 14 times "history road Tango 100 km ultra marathon race' participation,

Take a look.

I look forward to your participation.

Race director

Toshifumi Kasao

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