Kiln black glaze incense burner

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Kiln black glaze incense burner

Postby lay1014 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:05 pm

The black glaze incense burner of jizhou kiln in southern song dynasty is a bronze tripod furnace which imitates the pre-qin dynasty. Jizhou kiln has a prominent position. It is often said that "north magnetic state, south jizhou", which has great influence. "Jingdezhen tao lu" records: "jiangxi kiln ware, tang in hongzhou, song out of jizhou." Founded in the late tang dynasty, jizhou kiln flourished in the five dynasties and the northern song dynasty, and flourished in the southern song dynasty. "By the end of the yuan dynasty and the beginning of the Ming dynasty, the people had gathered their land and cultivated the pottery, starting from jingluo market and the temple and temple system. This is more reliable.

Southern song dynasty jizhou kiln black glaze censer 9 cm tall, 11 cm in diam., outside the front flat along the fold, the center of the drum, three with only short foot arch arc, tire body, the bottom is grey, the red earth in some paste very tight, in spite of scouring but still retains its visible this furnace should be excavated thing in the world. The main color of the furnace is black glaze. The black glaze is applied to the bottom. The glaze is bright and smooth. The inner tube is unglazed, with obvious traces of billet drawing, simple knife method and less fine scouring of porcelain soil. Some impurities can be seen, and the body of the fetus appears a little rough and loose.


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